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Turn your own website into a sales machine. Widgets are an embeddable piece of code that allow your website visitors to view events and purchase tickets, VIP tables, or packages without ever leaving the page. All of the reservation and client data then syncs into TablelistPro automatically.

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Ticket Inventory Control

Create tables, tickets, and cover for each day with the option to make it repeat weekly. Seamlessly control pricing and inventory details from your iPhone, Android, or desktop computer.

Data Syncing

All of your inventory and event details sync from TablelistPro including flyers, tickets, table availability, and more.


With custom colors and logos that match your venue, your customers will feel confident in purchasing from you.

Easy Setup

Add our widgets to your website and start selling in under 5 minutes. Easily integrate into website providers such as WordPress, SquareSpace, Bento Box, and more.

Streamline Data Entry

Sales or requests that come through your website will be entered into TablelistPro in real time, building your CRM and customer profiles automatically.

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What Is a Widget, and Why Does My Venue's Website Need One?

E-commerce is growing like crazy, with stats showing that 40% of worldwide internet users have bought something online. This amounts to more than 1 billion online customers, and $1.915 trillion in sales. Want a piece of the pie? TablelistPro is here to help, with widgets that allow your website to be a sales machine.

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Top Reasons to Power Nightlife Sales on Your Website — And How to Do It with TablelistPro

As a nightlife venue, one of the greatest marketing tools you have is your own website. Already generating organic traffic, your site is a place to tell your company story, share captivating photos and videos, tease upcoming events, and get guests delighted for their next night out. Beyond building interest and desire, though, your website can (and should) also be used as a way for your customers to actually make a booking.

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