Nightlife Staff Management

Keep your team connected and accountable

Manage your staff, hosts, servers, and promoters with customized permissions and notifications. Each person on your team will have their own login to increase security and accountability.

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Control exactly who can view or make changes to your venue, events, and reservations.

Individual Logins

Create one login per person across your staff.

Tracking Links

Send a unique tracking link to each promoter to maximize sales.


See where your sales are coming from and identify top performers.

Staff Management

Add staff, promoters, and servers in one place, then pick and choose their permissions and notifications.


From your servers to owners, assign permissions to each of your staff members for customized access to the system.

Tracking Links

Help maximize sales for every event by automatically generating unique sales tracking links for all of your staff and promoters. Easily email them a list with their individual tracking link for any event. When they share and post it, any sale generated will be instantly attributed back to them in TablelistPro.


Easily identify your top-performing sales channels including staff, promoters, social media pages, and websites. Track performance over time, calculate commissions, and make informed marketing decisions to help drive additional revenue.

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TablelistPro Feature: Unique Tracking Links

Unique tracking links are a feature built into TablelistPro to help maximize sales for every event. With them, all staff, hosts, concierges, and promoters will receive a unique link that can be used to directly sell tickets and tables to your venue.

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Promoters, Convince Your Boss It's Time to Amp Up Sales With TablelistPro

As a promoter or VIP host, your goal is to sell tickets and tables, host incredible events, and make money. In today's digital world, it's all about helping your clients easily book their plans through you, while making sure you get credit for those bookings. That's why TablelistPro has created Unique Tracking Links, a new feature built into our venue management system.

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