Nightlife software with Chat

Communicate efficiently with guests

In order to keep a steady flow at the door and throughout your venue, you need to be able to communicate with guests. Customer chat allows you to send and receive text messages from guests, which lets you cut down on phone calls and emails to run things more efficiently.

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Exchange Live Texts

Send and receive texts from guests to cut down on time-consuming phone calls and emails.

Nightlife venues have used TablelistPro to manage nearly one billion dollars in revenue.

Increase Sales Conversions

Shorten your sales cycle by offering chat to convert potential buyers more quickly.

Collaborate with Your Team

Your staff members can handle the chat individually or as a team. See who responded and what was discussed.

Keep a Chat History

Chat history automatically populates in your CRM tied to the customer.

View Messages

View and triage all new messages from guests. 'New' chats come in as flagged waiting for a response. Once resolved, you can close them out and still view the history.

Intuitive Chat Interface

View back and forth communication with the customer. See who from your team responded and what was communicated.

Give your guests a better night out 🎉

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