VIP Table & Reservation Management

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Tools to let you customize floor plans, assign VIP tables, and track your guests across all devices. Get useful insights on performance and download detailed reports at the end of each night.

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VIP Table Management

Add reservations to TablelistPro with live updates across all devices. Using our interactive floor plans and drag-and-drop table placement, you can view and edit your upcoming reservations in real-time.


Automatically send nightly detailed reservation and ticketing reports to owners, managers, and staff.

Payment Links

Eliminate credit card authorization forms and, instead, collect payments in advance to confirm your VIP reservations. Request full pre-payments, deposits, or a credit card to be held on file to reduce "no-shows" by 99% and protect against chargebacks. TablelistPro is 100% PCI compliant.

Fraud Protection

Reduce credit card fraud by 99% with our built-in fraud protection software. Potentially fraudulent customers will be flagged, and extremely high-risk customers will have their order automatically cancelled.

Chit Printing

Print guest information for your servers and customers.

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How TablelistPro Helps Eliminate Double-Booked VIP Tables

Because it's completely digital, TablelistPro will help you eliminate any human errors that may come up during the booking process. Specifically, our platform offers full VIP table and reservation management, giving you the ability to customize floor plans with interactive drag-and-drop placement, control inventory and pricing (even dynamic pricing), track guests, assign VIP tables, and so much more.

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3 Powerful Ways TablelistPro Protects Your Venue Against Chargebacks

We've all been there or have at least heard the horror stories: a guest visits a nightclub for the evening, spends thousands on a table, and suddenly – a week later – issues a chargeback ...

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