How TablelistPro Helps Eliminate Double-Booked VIP Tables

June 14, 2023

The nightmare known as double-bookings – if you work in nightlife, you've likely been there before. A VIP guest arrives at your nightclub and is greeted by one of your hosts. Upon rummaging through a long, cluttered list of printed-out reservations, the host comes to the realization that while their booking does exist, there's another party already checked in and sitting at the same table.

There it is. The dreaded double-booking.

A moment of panic quickly ensues. The event is sold out, which means there are no tables available for this group to be seated. Your only choice is to cancel the reservation entirely, which can lead to mighty consequences: unhappy customers, negative online reviews, damaging words spread around town – and, worst of all, bleeding profits. That's a lot of pressure for any host, let alone business, to endure. If only you had known about the solution to double-bookings beforehand; you could have easily avoided this headache.

The solution we're talking about? TablelistPro, the most intuitive and easy-to-use VIP table reservation software, designed exclusively for nightlife venues and events.

The main cause of double-bookings is having a poor process for managing table reservations. Many nightclub owners, like in the example above, are set in their old-school methods to track guests – from using a pen and paper to creating an Excel document, both of which leave room for major mishaps. Nightlife technology has advanced so much in the past few years, though, to the point where there's no excuse to be using these outdated ways.

That's where TablelistPro comes into play.

Because it's completely digital, TablelistPro will help you eliminate any human errors that may come up during the booking process. Specifically, our platform offers full VIP table and reservation management, giving you the ability to customize floor plans with interactive drag-and-drop placement, control inventory and pricing (even dynamic pricing), track guests, assign VIP tables, and so much more. It most notably has automated syncing as soon as a purchase is made, meaning VIP table availability and their prices will be updated in real-time, at all times, across all channels. Whether a booking is made through a TablelistPro widget on your website, through a microsite, through the Tablelist app, through a TablelistPro payment link, or even as a walk-up, all of the reservation information will be up-to-date across your devices, ensuring no two people are able to make a booking at the same table – ever.

Start avoiding double-bookings, having better operational efficiency, enhancing the customer experience, and positively impacting your business today with TablelistPro, starting at just $199 per month. At any time, you can schedule a discovery call or complimentary demo with one of our representatives by visiting

Give your guests a better night out 🎉