Top Reasons to Power Nightlife Sales on Your Website — And How to Do It with TablelistPro

June 14, 2023

As a nightlife venue, one of the greatest marketing tools you have is your own website. Already generating organic traffic, your site is a place to tell your company story, share captivating photos and videos, tease upcoming events, and get guests delighted for their next night out. Beyond building interest and desire, though, your website can (and should) also be used as a way for your customers to actually make a booking.

That is exactly what TablelistPro is for. Designed exclusively for the nightlife industry, TablelistPro is a real-time VIP table reservation, ticketing, and venue management software. One of our key features is an instant booking widget hat can be embedded onto the backend of your website to power online sales. All it takes is a simple copy and pasteFirst, it's important to know what makes these instant booking widgets so beneficial and why selling on your own site is the way to go. We've narrowed it down to seven.

  1. Provide Convenience: TablelistPro allows your customers to view all of your upcoming events, then purchase a ticket, buy a table, add their name to the guest list, or submit a reservation request directly through your. They'll never get redirected to a third-party site. We make the purchasing process as seamless as possible with checkouts that can be completed in just a few clicks, no matter the type of device they're using. Due to real-time inventory syncing, your website visitors will always have up-to-the-minute pricing and availability. Even more, we make it possible for them to select the exact VIP table they desire using an interactive map.
  2. Stay Organized: Many venues still use outdated methods to accept reservations—like phone calls, emails, or text messages—that can make it incredibly difficult and disorganized to manage. By going digital with TablelistPro, particularly on your website, you'll simplify this process while minimizing those dreaded missed calls, long email chains, or lost requests.
  3. Collect Customer Data: Beyond centralizing all of your bookings, TablelistPro automatically collects, syncs, and stores customer data on every purchase, giving you access to a goldmine of information that you can't necessary get by listing inventory on a consumer platform. Using what's provided in our robust CRM database, you can then create targeted marketing campaigns, provide personalized offers and experiences, and build lasting relationships that drive repeat business.
  4. Track Performance: By centralizing all of your incoming reservations and bookings, instead of using one or multiple external sites to sell online, you'll have an accurate way of evaluating your venue's overall performance. TablelistPro provides that your team can download and use to define what is going well and what needs improvement. From identifying your top-performing promoters to visualizing table minimums to viewing real-time revenue, this data is easily measurable and trackable. You can then filter and sort it all by day, month, year, or your own specific timeframe.
  5. Communicate Efficiently: The newly-updated Customer Chat function of TablelistPro allows your site visitors to message you through your widget. In turn, you and/or any of your staff members can answer their questions, address any issues, provide excellent customer service, convert potential buyers, and more. TablelistPro keeps a history of each chat, tied to that individual's profile on the backend, and can be closed when complete, then reopened at any time if need be.
  6. Avoid the Competition: While it may go without saying, selling on your own website means you won't lose customers to nearby venues as you would through a consumer app. Due to the sheer volume of nightlife venues listed on other sites, there is high competition, and with that comes the ability to advertise against yours. Utilizing a TablelistPro widget eliminates this entirely.
  7. Boost Sales: The numbers say it all: on average, nightlife venues see a 30% increase in revenue upon implementing our widget. Do you really want to miss out on numbers like this?

Now that you understand why powering nightlife sales on your own website is so valuable, how about taking it a step further? Schedule a free demo on to discover just how easy it is to set up and get started. No, really: embedding a widget on the backend of your website can be done in a matter of minutes. We can't wait to show you.

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