What is a Widget, and Why Does My Venue's Website Need One?

June 14, 2023

If you’ve ever wished your nightclub, lounge or events website was a better selling tool for your venue, you’re not alone. Electronic Commerce (or e-commerce for short, the buying and selling of goods on the internet) is growing like crazy, with stats showing that 40% of worldwide internet users have bought something online. This amounts to more than 1 billion online customers, and $1.915 trillion in sales. Want a piece of the pie? TablelistPro is here to help, with widgets that allow your website to be a sales machine.

So, what is a widget?

Simply put, a widget is code on your website that gives it special functionality.  In the case of the TablelistPro widget, it gives your website selling superpowers, allowing your visitors to instantly book tickets, VIP tables, packages and more. The best part? All your inventory syncs magically to TablelistPro, so your website is always up-to-date.

How does it work?

With a small snippet of code embedded on your venue’s website, inventory from your TablelistPro account is instantly pulled in. Depending on your website and it’s set-up, your staff can load in this code in under 10 minutes. Then, you’re ready to sell. Visitors to site will see your widget, and can scroll through events / nights at your venue, or use a calendar to select their date, then book their plans in just a couple clicks. Then, all of the reservation and client data goes into TablelistPro, automatically.

Check out the example below from Wall Miami. The event list on their homepage is a TablelistPro widget, allowing their site visitors to book instantly (and for them to save hours updating their website and adding reservations to TablelistPro!)

How does this help my business?

TablelistPro widgets have already helped some of the world’s top nightlife venues sell through their sites. Here are a couple ways the TablelistPro widget will solve your biggest business headaches:

Sell More:

What good is an event flyer on your site, if your customers can’t buy anything? TablelistPro allows you to not only have the most accurate info, but it allows your website to take your traffic and turn it into dollar signs. With custom colors and layouts that match your venue, your customers will feel confident in purchasing from you.

Save time:

Each week, you spend countless hours adding event info onto your website & keeping it up to date. With the TablelistPro widget on your site, all your inventory syncs from your TablelistPro apps - from event flyers, to tickets, VIP tables, guest lists and more. You’ll cut your time spent managing your website in half, instantly.

Spend Less on Marketing:

Now, direct all your marketing right to your website. Never again will you lose traffic and sales redirecting your marketing to a 3rd party site, where potential customers could discover other events or venues, and go elsewhere.

Streamline Data Entry

How does ZERO data entry sound? All sales or requests that come through your website will be entered into TablelistPro in real time, building your CRM and customer profiles automatically. From ticket sales, VIP tables, reservation requests, guest lists and more, all sales booked through your website will be instantly inputted and tracked in TablelistPro, for easy reporting.

Drive More Business to Your Venue

Harness the power of Tablelist when your venue gets a TablelistPro widget. TablelistPro clients that have a widget on their site get featured 3x more on Tablelist, which reaches 150k+ party goers across 9+ cities and has driven more than $20MM in sales to their venue partners.

So, How do I get started?

In the time it takes to upload one single event to your website, you can cut that task from your staff’s to-do list forever. To request a TablelistPro widget, visit our website or email kyla@tablelist.com with your venue’s name and website.

Not using TablelistPro yet, and want to take your venue's website to the next level? Head to tablelistpro.com to see our incredible new features and to set up a free demo.

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