New Leads Tab on TablelistPro Dashboard

July 22, 2021

When using TablelistPro on your desktop, you will notice there is now a Leads tab on the left-hand side. Consider this your new hub for incoming leads; all guest list and reservation requests will appear on this tab.

  • You can sort leads by name, date submitted, date of the event, number of guests, arrival time, attribution, and notes
  • You can search leads, customize date ranges, and filter by attribution
  • Once you click on a specific lead, you can:
  • Approve or deny the request
  • Message them through Customer Chat
  • Change the attribution
  • Generate a payment link
  • After approving or denying the request, it will be removed from the Leads tab

To create a payment link:

  1. Click on a specific lead
  2. Choose a minimum spend or minimum bottles
  3. Press "Approve," and a new tab for Payment will appear
  4. On the Payment tab, click "Request Payment," fill out all of the information, and hit "Save" to get your payment link