Top 5 Frequently-Asked Questions About TablelistPro – And Their Answers

June 14, 2023

When deciding which nightlife management platform to invest in, it's normal for some questions to arise. In order to ease this process for you, we've accumulated what's most commonly-asked about TablelistPro, specifically, as well as their answers that will give you a better understanding of our software, its features, and its benefits.

1. What is venue management, and why do I need it?

Whether you run a large-scale nightclub in a major city or an intimate venue in a smaller setting, there's always a need for a service that helps you manage your nightlife venue and clients ― because let's face it: using spreadsheets, clipboards, or a pen and paper to stay organized is next to impossible. That's where TablelistPro comes in.

TablelistPro is a key business tool for any successful hospitality operation, offering a user-friendly solution to keeping track of your venues, events, VIP reservations, ticketing, guest lists, and staff. The platform simplifies all of these aspects without any expensive hardware to buy, making it quick and easy to access information with the tools you already use, like your iPhone.

As a whole, our platform is designed to simplify your day-to-day operations while helping you become a revenue-generating machine. Choosing to invest in a strong platform will boost sales, lift productivity, efficiency, and accessibility, and help ease the workload of your entire staff.

The ideal platform:

  • Is an all-in-one, real-time, digital solution across web, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Has reservation, table, and guest list management
  • Has advanced CRM
  • Has automated and detailed reporting
  • Is quick, efficient, and relevant to your venue
  • Is specifically tailored to the nightlife industry
  • Is cloud-based

Our app hits all of these marks, and then some, which is why we truly stand apart from the competition.

2. How do I better manage my VIP table reservations?

TablelistPro allows you to keep track of all of your table reservations that come in through multiple outlets. Whether a client is calling your venue directly, sending a request via email, booking on a third-party site, or making a reservation straight from your website, you need to track it all. Using our app, you and your staff can keep all of your reservations organized without ever double-booking or overselling. You can also:

  • Enter reservations wherever you are, on the fly, from your own mobile device
  • With user-specific permissions, give your staff access to add reservations on their own, as you see fit
  • Sync your floor plan with your available tables to sell directly on your website

3. How can I easily collect deposits or credit card authorizations?

With TablelistPro, you’ll never have to use a credit card authorization form again. Instead, when you enter a reservation into the system, you have the option to create a payment link to send to your client that requests a deposit, a full pre-payment, or their credit card information. You can text or email them this link, they can review the booking details, securely and safely enter their payment information, read all of the terms and conditions so you are fully protected, and complete their reservation. Instantly, your staff is notified that this booking has confirmed, and all of the client and reservation data is automatically synced into TablelistPro.

Some of the benefits of using these payment links include:

  • Reduces “no-shows” by 99.1%
  • Decreases credit card fraud by 99.33%
  • Secures client and reservation details without any manual data entry
  • Takes deposits and pre-payments for important events with no confusion at the door
  • Provides instant booking notifications
  • Builds your CRM with solid client information
  • Enforces cancellation fees
  • 100% PCI compliant
  • Fast, easy and transparent – you can even create them right from your phone

4. What’s the best way to manage and incentivize staff?

Use TablelistPro’s promoter tracking links to keep track of your employees' performance each night. Designed to help maximize sales for every event, tracking links are a feature built into our platform that provides all staff, hosts, concierges, and promoters with a unique link that can be used to directly sell tickets and tables to your venue.

For promoters, this tool makes it easier than ever to get the word out about events or venues you're promoting, and you may also use it to keep track of your own sales. Simply share the link in a tweet, Facebook post, on your Instagram bio or website, through a text message, or via an email blast, and you'll get credited for every single ticket and table you sell.

For venues, you'll be able to keep track of your employees' performance each night better than ever. TablelistPro collects data from the sales of each promoter link and, from there, creates reservation and guest list reports you can use for analyzing, or to give commission, perks, or benefits to your staff based on these numbers.

5. How much does a reservation management platform cost?

As an owner or operator of a nightlife venue, you already deal with significant costs to stay afloat, so the ideal platform won’t break the bank. Among the leading venue management apps on the market, TablelistPro is the most cost-efficient, starting at just $199 per month, without sacrificing any of the powerful features or benefits. In fact, we’re so confident your business will improve with TablelistPro that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You're now fully informed on all things TablelistPro ― so are you ready to see the features you've read about in real life? Visit our website to set up a complimentary discovery call or brief demo with a sales rep and learn how you can take your nightclub, bar, lounge, or event to new heights.

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