The 3 Biggest Benefits of Investing in Nightlife Venue Management

June 14, 2023

Nightlife venue management – in the past, we've explained what it is and why any nightclub or bar needs it, but it's also important to note the specific ways it can actually transform a business. Among many big benefits, the right platform will streamline operations, increase revenue, and build customer satisfaction does all three and even more.

1) Streamline operations.

A top venue management app will help simplify day-to-day operations, resulting in fewer errors and delays while maximizing productivity for your team. Take TablelistPro into consideration: being that it's all-in-one, it can be used to manage reservations, table availability, ticket sales, guest lists, promoter performances, and customer databases in real-time. It supports multiple integrations, CRM and POS in particular, and features automated syncing between all devices, eliminating any manual data entry in the process. Even when working the door at your event, TablelistPro is the only app you'll need to have, as it can be used to sell tickets and tables, add guest lists, tally walk-ups, and scan QR codes to quickly check guests in. This act of "doing the work for you" results in better collaboration and a more efficient workflow – for hosts, servers, concierges, promoters, and your entire staff.

2) Boost sales.

The goal of any business is to enhance revenue, and a solid venue management platform will provide you with the right tools to do so. TablelistPro, for instance, comes with several different functions that directly impact sales including widgets, sales tracking links, payment links, and the recently-introduced Diamond Membership program.

Our blog post, "What is a Widget, and Why Does My Venue's Website Need One?" takes a deeper dive into widgets, but to summarize, they are a way to monetize your own website. By embedding a small snippet of code on the backend, you can instantly start selling tickets, tables, and packages, and offer guest list and reservation requests to your site visitors. TablelistPro offers several options for the actual display of the widget, from a single event to multiple ones, and even a monthly calendar layout. You may also customize its look and feel to match your brand. Pricing, quantity, and event descriptions are all fully and easily controlled by you, and automated syncing means inventory is always up-to-date, and guest data will instantly go back into the app. Overall, our clients who use widgets to sell inventory on their website report an average 16% uptick in VIP service.

Another way that TablelistPro aids in lifting sales is through the use of promoter tracking links. In just a few clicks, you're able to blast your entire staff with their own unique link to share on social media, through text, or wherever they desire. From there, all tickets or tables sold will tie directly back to that individual person in TablelistPro, making it easy to identify top performers later on and determine commissions.

Payment links are a tool that lets you simply and safely request a pre-paid partial deposit, full deposit, or credit card to be held securely on file. Your staff will instantly be notified when the reservation is confirmed, and all of its data will sync into the app. This feature reduces no-shows, enforces cancellation fees, and gives you fraud protection on every transaction.

Last but not least, Diamond Membership is another way for TablelistPro users to increase revenue. A paid membership program for users of our nightlife booking app Tablelist, clients can use it to list exclusive, members-only perks and benefits such as complimentary entry, line jumpers, or special ticket and table pricing. By participating in the program, venues gain exposure to a massive community of nightlife enthusiasts, build customer retention, and increase foot traffic.

3) Build customer retention.

Many venue management platforms allow you to build a robust customer database, but none come close to that of TablelistPro. By using our CRM, you can gain extensive insight into each guest – like their type of admission (general or VIP), date of their first or last visit, total number of visits, or lifetime spend. The automated tagging feature makes a record of what day of the week they visited, the name of the event they attended, or specific items they ordered using our POS integration, among others. With custom tagging, you can track anything from a "big spender" to a guest who "corner booth." There's even a "Notes" section to record any important information about the customer including their preferred beverage order, typical table location, or close relationship they have with a staff member. As a whole, this abundance of information can be used to provide the highest level of service, as well as to create highly-targeted marketing campaigns, both of which build guest satisfaction and retention.

The benefits are clear: investing in a nightlife management platform – especially TablelistPro – is the most simple and effective way to streamline operations, drive sales, and improve guest loyalty at your nightclub or bar. Take the next step by setting up a quick discovery call or demo today through our website.

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