TablelistPro Feature: Scheduled Reporting

June 14, 2023

With Scheduled Reporting, TablelistPro now has your virtual assistant built in. Never again will you have to manually check what's on the books, or spend time exporting a report and sending it around to your team.

So, What is a Scheduled Report? A Scheduled Report is an automated email that will send out a detailed digest of what you have on the books for your venue, including upcoming and closed reservations, based on what time you choose to have your report generate.

Here's How to Get Started:

To set up your first Scheduled Report, log onto TablelistPro on a desktop browser. Upon doing so, your dashboard will appear, and you'll use the left-hand navigation bar to click on Venues, then click Schedule a Report on the venue of your choice (if you manage multiple).

Creating Your First Report:

From the Scheduled Venue Report page, you can see the Reports you have set up, and create new Reports, too. Scroll down to Create a new Scheduled Report to start building your report. First, name your report. Then, select the time of day you'd like the report to be delivered, in your time zone.

Pro-Tip: We chose to make 2 reports, one called Daily Opening Report and one called Daily Closing Report. Our Opening report will send at 4pm so we can see what's on the books, and our Closing report will send at 3am to show what our final numbers for the night are.

Adding Staff:

Then, go ahead and add the staff you'd like to receive your reports. Click the blue Add Recipient link, and a box will pop up and prompt you to add an email address. You can individually add as many recipients as you'd like, for each report.

Check out a Sample Report:

Your report will include powerful guest information, as well as attribution info. If you plan a Scheduled Report to go out at the beginning of your night, you'll see what reservations are expected to come in (with booking details like Arrival Time, Minimum, Guests + Ratio, and Table Number, as well as what Server they are assigned to, if applicable).

If you set up a Scheduled Report for the end of your night, you'll see a full report of your Closed Reservations, as well as any that are left open. Attribution data ties each reservation to a source, such as your Promoters, In House staff, Concierges, and more. Quickly see no-shows, total spends, and what % of your sales for that night came from which sources.

If you're a current TablelistPro partner, you now have access to this new feature. We hope you're excited to start using Scheduled Reports today.

Not using TablelistPro yet? Email us at or send us a message through the TablelistPro website to receive more information.

Give your guests a better night out 🎉