In Their Own Words: 6 Honest TablelistPro Reviews From Our Venue Partners

June 14, 2023

By now, you know about TablelistPro's innovative features for nightlife venues and events. You've heard the ways our reservation management tools can help simplify day-to-day operations, save you time and money, improve client satisfaction, and boost revenue. You've heard how intuitive our platform is and how easy it is to use. Now, it's time to read it straight from the source: our own venue partners. From owners to managers, we've accumulated six honest reviews to paint a more complete picture of TablelistPro.

Justin Ahiyon, House of YES (NYC):

"I really LOVE this software. It truly revolutionized our flow and efficiency from booking/guest entry and post-event follow up through their CRM options.

This app connects my entire team in real-time and allows last-minute communication, whether the staff is working that night or at home. It has great capacity for checking in whole or part of a group, tracking demographic information, adding important notes per specific customers, and allowing me to see who is at the club – even when I'm at home.

I was impressed with the overall look and feel of the platform, the intuitive simplicity, and the hands-on customer service. There have been a few bugs regarding the tally of total guests, but the customer service is impeccable and issues are resolved very quickly."

Scott Spellman, 3Fifty Terrace & The Annex (Detroit):

"[TablelistPro] transforms your business.

This is a great collaborative tool! All users can input customer information on the fly for an immediate update to all. This has changed former handwritten processes to a fully digital and traceable system.

Now, our whole management and promotions team works on one instantly updateable system. I no longer have to manually write or update the guest list at the door. I can add anyone to our guest list from miles away, on the fly. Bulk adding the guest list is an amazing time savings. Critical notes that make the customer feel special are easily added to every VIP reservation."

Tunnel Nightclub (Chicago):

Mike Palmeri:

"I really enjoy the opportunity this app gives us to run a nightclub efficiently. Between using this and [a competitor] prior, it is easier to select an option from the venue map and tie it back to the reservation of my choice through the already booked appointments.

I can easily manage how much revenue our club is generating throughout any given point in the day or night. It makes it super simple to adjust reservations and even more simple to book a reservation."

George Kanjou:

"My overall experience is 10/10. I love this app. I love how the software is user-friendly and straight forward. [It's] very easy to use."

Niv Shaked, The Jane Hotel Ballroom (NYC):

"TablelistPro really changed our nightlife operations. Their friendly interface allows us to control everything happening on the floor in seconds. Also, its ease of use allows us to train and onboard staff very easily."

Gabriel Levy, Rumpus Room (NYC):

"TablelistPro is excellent – my preferred event management software. 24/7 customer service is unbeatable. Very mobile-oriented; ability to manage billing; ability to keep team on the same page about event management.

I chose TablelistPro for its flexibility and customer service at a competitive rate."

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