How to Increase Customer Service Standards

June 14, 2023

There are many components that guests immediately judge a venue on: decor, product, and presentation, to name a few. One of the most important aspects that you can control as a business, though, is your customer service standards. It may seem overwhelming to keep all of your staff under a high standard, so we have come up with some simple guidelines to do so.

Educate Your Employees

One way to get your staff alert about correct practices is to have them evaluate how competitors do it. Send them to competing venues to analyze and compare so that they know what and what not to do.

You must also make your staff try all food and drink products frequently so that they can make accurate recommendations to customers. They should each prepare one beer, cocktail, and wine to suggest as their personal favorite in case customers ask. The more they know about each product the better, so ensure that they have a good understanding of what’s in stock.

Your employees should also know their customers well, especially regulars. They will be impressed if you remember their names and what drinks they like. An easy way to organize this is through TablelistPro’s CRM feature. This platform allows you to track important data about your customers such as their typical bottle orders, preferred tables, or any close relationships with staff members. No memorization will be required for your staff members in this department because they will be able to use TablelistPro to be 100% accurate.

Manners Matter

Simple, polite etiquette by your staff will leave a lasting positive impression. When the bar is busy, make sure that staff members say, "Thank you for waiting" to all guests. Having someone at the front of the venue to greet each guest and say thank you and goodbye will make them remember their enjoyable experience. Their verbal and nonverbal manners should be friendly and confident. Some tips you can suggest are to smile, hold the door open, and do all they can to provide positive service.


In the nightlife industry, there will always be complaints and mishaps, and it is important to turn any negative experiences into positive ones. Teach your staff the correct approaches to common issues such as complaints about service, bathrooms, or products so that they are prepared to handle them maturely. If handled correctly, customers will remember your outstanding service and accommodation instead of remembering a small negative experience.


Finally, stress that details are important. If customers make an order or book on the phone, be sure that your employees are trained to read the details back to them to avoid any mistakes. Train your bartenders to always ask specifics such as what brand of liquor they want in their drink to ensure that all of the details are spot on. Keep the bar and barback clean at all times and dispose of any empty glasses or miscellaneous garbage. Paying attention to detail when it comes to cleanliness will be notable for customers.

What you offer service-wise will be noted by any guest who visits your venue, so leave a lasting positive impression with these simple guidelines.

Give your guests a better night out 🎉