How TablelistPro's Fast Pass is Changing the Nightlife Game

June 14, 2023

A memorable nightlife experience always begins at the door. Having a seamless process without long lines and wait times ensures the night starts out on the right foot for both your staff and guests.

Recognizing this necessity, TablelistPro created Fast Pass, the quickest and easiest way to take payments at the door. Built for venues of all types, your guests can purchase cover, event tickets, or table service using their smartphone when they arrive at your venue. They won't have to register or sign up for any program in order to make a purchase, nor download any app, and it can be done on both iOS and Android devices. Here's how it works:

  1. At the door, prompt your guests to scan the QR code presented to them using their phone's camera
  2. A web browser will instantly open for them to complete their purchase using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a stored credit card
  3. Within seconds, your guest will receive a text confirmation and an email with their ticket attached, ready to be scanned for entry
  4. Once you scan their ticket using the TablelistPro app, all transactional data will sync automatically into TablelistPro

When utilizing the Fast Pass feature at your venue, the benefits are striking.

Cashless: Exchanging bills or credit cards can be chaotic, disorganized, and time-consuming. The majority of the time, customers don't want to use cash or aren't carrying it with them at all. And having exact change? That's even more rare. Fast Pass eliminates this completely with the most convenient alternative.

Contactless: As we know, in the world of COVID-19, direct contact should be at a minimum. Instead of your doorman grabbing money and giving it back, take the digital route (and save the spread of germs in the process).

Expedites Entry: Fast Pass creates a lightning-fast transaction that gets your guests in the door more quickly and efficiently. There's truly no better method of entry.

Easy Accounting: Never count a bill again at the end of the night or do strenuous manual work. With every Fast Pass purchase, a record of its sales will automatically be housed in TablelistPro, tied to each customer, added to your reports, and readily accessible in the future.

Collect Customer Data: Automatic syncing allows you to store valuable customer data within TablelistPro's CRM database to better understand your clientele and improve upon your services. This is especially helpful for walk-ups, who often make up the majority of such databases.

Discover Fast Pass and all of TablelistPro's features by setting up a free demo or discovery call on our website. If your venue is currently shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or if it's forced to close after signing on, we will waive your TablelistPro subscription fees until it's back open for business. For more, reach out to us through live chat function online or by email at

Give your guests a better night out 🎉