How TablelistPro CRM Goes Above and Beyond

June 14, 2023

It's one thing to know how many people have visited your venue or how much money it's brought in – but in order to run a successful, sustainable nightclub or bar, you'll have to dive a little deeper than that. TablelistPro can help! Our software offers a robust CRM database that centralizes the information on your customers, including their spends and history. Even if you have multiple properties, you can easily track customers between them. If you're not already utilizing this feature, you're missing out on a valuable way to boost sales and enhance service. After all, knowledge is power, and knowing more about your guests will allow your staff to deliver at the highest level every single night.

Let's take you through it...

As soon a new client books a ticket, VIP table, or package, TablelistPro immediately creates a contact for that person, pulling and syncing their public data into the app based on their email address. This may include their gender, phone number, birthday, social media pages, or even a photo. In addition, our integrations with MailChimp and Insightly mean all new customers will automatically sync from there, as well.

From there, once you're logged into TablelistPro as an admin, you'll be able to see several key insights such as:

  • Type of admission (general or VIP)
  • Date of their first and last visit
  • Total number of visits
  • Origin of their booking for each visit (Tablelist website, promoter, walk-up, etc.)
  • Total guests in their party for each visit, along with a gender split
  • Lifetime spendings
  • Average minimum

Our handy Notes section allows you to record anything significant that pertains to the customer. Many of our clients use this to track typical bottle orders, preferred table locations, or close relationships the guests may have with a certain staff member.

TablelistPro offers completely automated tagging for each person, too, saving your staff members valuable time. Let us do it for you! The tags are based on traits like what day of the week they visited, the name of the event they attended, the type of music playing at that venue, Β and – using our POS integration – even specific items they ordered. You may also add your own custom tags for each person; "Big Spender" is one used by many of our partners, as an example. Having this abundance of detailed information allows you to create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns catered to exactly what your patrons are like.

The database, from there, is completely exportable. In just a few clicks, staff members who have the correct permissions can download an organized Excel document of either your full list of customers, or a list filtered by items like venue, tags, gender, or total spend.

There are endless benefits to having access to this type and amount of information, especially in the nightlife industry. Technology similar to TablelistPro can help improve a venue's sales, customer service, and overall results. We encourage our current clients to explore our convenient and easily accessible CRM capabilities, if you haven't already, and our prospective clients to consider implementing our software at your club or bar for these very reasons.

Interested in hearing even more about TablelistPro and all of the other powerful features that come along with it? Schedule a quick, free demo with us! To do so, message us through the chat box on our website, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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