Answering The Most-Asked Questions About TablelistPro

June 14, 2023

TablelistPro is the nightlife industry's most advanced software for operators to manage their venues, events, VIP reservations, ticketing, guest lists, customer database, promoters, and more—all in real-time through an intuitive yet easy-to-use platform.

Designed to make nightlife simple, TablelistPro is built for hospitality groups and venues looking to make their business more efficient, consistent, and profitable. We put the selling power in the hands of our venue partners, providing them with a bevy of features and integrations that boost revenue, streamline daily operations, and track customer data. In turn, our partners are able to architect hyper-personalized guest experiences that drive loyalty and advocacy.

Whether you operate a single venue, a multi-location space, or multiple venues across one organization, TablelistPro has the flexibility to meet a variety of needs.

How much does it cost to use TablelistPro?

Pricing for TablelistPro starts at $99/mo for the Basic plan, created for venues that strictly offer admission and ticketing. For those who would like to manage VIP tables and reservations, the $299/mo Standard plan was made for you. We also offer a $499/mo Deluxe plan, suited for venues interested in adding POS integration and/or live customer chat.

No matter how many venues you own or operate, you'll only pay one price across the board while receiving an unlimited number of staff accounts.

To find the plan that best suits you, book a free demo or discovery call with us online.

What are TablelistPro’s top features?

TablelistPro gives you the tools and technology needed to run and grow your nightlife venue. Customers around the globe rave about features like:

Instant Booking Widgets

  • Convert your website into a selling tool for guests to browse events, view available inventory updated in real-time, make or request a VIP reservation, select their exact VIP table, buy a ticket, or get on the guestlist—anytime, anywhere, from any device, in a fully-compliant order. No registration or login is required during checkout
  • Widget installation is straightforward: simply copy and paste a few lines of code onto the backend of your website to start powering online bookings instantly. Choose between different widget styles and functions including a full event calendar, event list, interactive table map, or a basic reservation request form

Table Management

  • Customize your floor plans, track your VIP reservations, assign VIP tables, edit bookings, approve or deny reservation requests, and manually add reservations and admissions through a website dashboard and mobile application that sync automatically across all devices.
  • Instead of credit card authorization forms, use TablelistPro payment links to confirm reservations. Request a full deposit, a pre-payment, or a credit card to be held securely on file

Event Management

  • Manage your events from start to finish: list your single or recurring events online, sell tickets and VIP tables in advance, collect pre-paid deposits, and set dynamic pricing
  • Blast unique tracking links to your staff members as a quick way for them to spread the word about your event. Sales generated from each unique link will automatically tie back to that person in TablelistPro
  • The night of your event, check VIP guests in, scan QR codes for ticketed guests, tally walk-ups, add new reservations and admissions, assign VIP tables, print chit receipts, then close out reservations at the end of the night. Because internet connections can be flakey or non-existent, TablelistPro works offline-first so your check-in flow will never be interrupted

Staff Management

  • Give each of your employees their own TablelistPro login to increase security; assign custom permissions to control exactly who sees what; and choose which email, push, and text notifications they receive

Performance Reports

  • View data-driven reports that give you insight into your venue, how it's performing, and what's trending so you can make better business decisions. Identify top-performing promoters, visualize table minimums, and see revenue in real-time
  • Set up detailed reservation and ticketing reports to be sent automatically to owners, managers, and staff members at the end of the night

Fast Pass

  • The fastest and easiest way to take payments at the door, let customers avoid long lines by purchasing cover, tickets, or VIP tables using their phone's digital wallet. No special hardware or sign-up is required, and all customer data syncs instantly into TablelistPro.

Customer Chat

  • Exchange text messages with your guests in real-time, directly from the TablelistPro dashboard. Use it to answer questions, confirm bookings, communicate changes, and provide support. Customer Chat is a paid add-on feature of TablelistPro


  • Collect valuable customer data to determine who your guests are and what their purchasing habits look like, enabling you to create targeted marketing initiatives and extraordinary guest experiences with a personal touch. TablelistPro's CRM database includes automated tagging, custom tagging, spend history, and notes to keep a record of key information, ultimately helping your staff provide impeccable service and a better night out


  • POS: Connect your POS system to automatically sync total spends into TablelistPro and view itemized receipts
  • CRM: Sync customer data from your chosen CRM platform
  • Chit Printing: Integrate with thermal receipt printers
  • Discotech: List your inventory on Discotech
  • Tablelist: Reach over 200,000 nightlife enthusiasts by listing your venue and events on Tablelist. Additional promotion through Tablelist's email and social media marketing efforts is available upon request

Mobile App

  • Utilize TablelistPro's iOS, Android, and web-based applications to make reservation management a breeze, no matter how "techie" of a person you are. Each features an intelligently-designed interface that is swift to understand and learn

Onboarding & Support

  • Customer service is our M.O. From the moment you become a partner, you’ll be surrounded by a dedicated team to make sure you get the most out of our software, minimizing the need for major help along the way. We also provide nearly 24/7 live support to ensure you're satisfied with our product and get the help you need in a timely manner.
  • Despite being packed with powerful features, TablelistPro is so effortless to use that you can get fully up and running in a matter of days.
What are the benefits of using TablelistPro?

As evidenced by our years-long history of success, both our venue partners and their own customers can expect to benefit greatly from TablelistPro.

Benefits for venues:

  • Sell more tickets and VIP tables
  • Boost sales
  • Save time
  • Cut costs
  • Scale operations
  • Keep your team on the same page
  • Increase customer retention
  • Acquire new customers
  • Get to know your guests on a personal level
  • Send highly-targeted marketing campaigns
  • Eliminate credit card authorization forms
  • Eliminate double-bookings
  • Minimize no-shows
  • Easily spread the word about your events
  • Avoid difficult-to-use software

Benefits for nightlife consumers:

  • Simplify the online booking and payment process
  • Offer seamless buying experiences with fast, frictionless checkouts
  • Send simple email and text confirmations
  • Provide immediate support via text
  • Deliver personalized nightlife experiences that boost loyalty
What other platforms does TablelistPro integrate with?


  • NCR Aloha
  • Micros 3700
  • Micros Simphony1
  • CBS NorthStar
  • Brink, POSitouch
  • XPIENT, Dinerwarez
  • Azbar
  • Maitre'D
  • Veloce
  • Squirrel


Chit Printers

  • Epson TM-m30II

Consumer Platforms

What separates TablelistPro from other nightlife management platforms?

There are many nightlife management platforms to choose from, but none come close to TablelistPro for these reasons:

  • Our software is built exclusively for nightlife venues and events, as opposed to restaurants—although we do work well for restaurants that turn into lounges or clubs at night
  • The TablelistPro website and mobile app are simple to use and require little to no training. We understand that software can be confusing and have subsequently made it our mission to make TablelistPro as easy to navigate as possible
  • You can create, sell, and edit inventory for events of all types, then easily promote them through unique sales tracking links for hosts and promoters
  • We offer many widget styles with universal checkout, making it so guests can reserve VIP tables, buy tickets, add themselves to the guest list, request a reservation, and view upcoming events directly through your website, without ever leaving the page
  • If you'd rather not embed our widget on your website, we can design a custom-branded microsite for you with venue information, contact information, photos, social media links, and of course, our widgets
  • We have built-in auto-tagging for guests based on the venue they visited, what day of the week they came, and which events they attended. All of this data then filters into their customer profile within TablelistPro's CRM database, making it effortless to set up targeted re-marketing campaigns
  • Our CRM is the same for tables, ticketing, and guest lists, so you can track all visits—no matter what type of admittance the guest had—and have an accurate history of your customers
  • We offer the opportunity to drive additional sales and revenue through the Tablelist consumer platform
  • Our customer service is the best there is. We pride ourselves on being hands-on and working closely with all of our venue partners
What types of nightlife venues do TablelistPro work with?

From nightclubs to bars, hotels to festivals, and special events to hospitality groups, TablelistPro can (and should!) be utilized by venues of any size, location, and need. Learn a few venues that we consider our venue partners on the Our Customers page.

Do you offer a free trial?

As part of our money-back guarantee, if you are not fully satisfied with your TablelistPro experience, we are happy to offer a full refund within your first 30 days.

How do I know if TablelistPro is right for me?

The best way to understand the value of TablelistPro is to see it in action. Schedule a free discovery call or 30-minute demo so we can answer your remaining questions, get you better acquainted with our software, and show you why nightlife venues and events alike are raving about TablelistPro, the most robust nightlife management software on the market.

Give your guests a better night out 🎉