6 Ways Streamline Your Nightlife Event with TablelistPro

June 14, 2023

Every nightlife professional knows the extensive planning and intricate details that go into hosting a successful event. With so many moving parts, it can be overwhelming at times – well, that is unless the event is powered by TablelistPro. From confetti-soaked nightclubs and celebrated music festivals to casual bars and trendy rooftop lounges, all types of venues and events trust TablelistPro, the industry's most intuitive VIP reservation, ticketing, and venue management platform. Cloud-based and available on web, iOS, and Android devices, TablelistPro is the only app you'll need the night-of, saving you money, time, and resources. Use these six features in particular to promise your staff and guests a seamless night from beginning to end.

Track VIP Tables: With TablelistPro, you'll always know what's on the books that night – in real-time, when it matters most.

  • Manage and assign VIP tables through TablelistPro's interactive floor plans and drag-and-drop table placements
  • Track incoming VIPs
  • View live statuses of your reservations
  • Print chits at check-in with the ability to add special notes or terms (e.g. no refunds)

Manage Your Flow of Customers: TablelistPro centralizes each type of reservation including online bookings, Tablelist bookings, promoter bookings, and walk-ups. In turn, the check-in process is faster and more organized.

  • Sell tickets, add guest lists, and tally walk-ups
  • Scan QR codes through TablelistPro's built-in scanner to quickly check guests in
  • Scrap the pen and paper, Google Docs, Excel spreadsheet, and any other ancient method of tracking guests
  • Even if you have spotty WiFi, TablelistPro works offline first so you'll never miss a beat

Sell Tickets, Tables, and Packages at the Door: Fast Pass is TablelistPro's solution to expedited entry at your event.

  • Enable customers to quickly and efficiently purchase cover, tickets, and tables using their phone, in just two clicks
  • Customers can pay through Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a stored credit card in just two clicks
  • Collect data on every walk-up to build a more complete, thorough customer database

Utilize Your Customer Database: Share your built-in CRM data in TablelistPro with your servers to help elevate their level of service. After all, hospitality is all about the guest experience.

  • Take your customer profiles on-the-go to view key numbers like total visits, lifetime spend, and average spend
  • Refer to your customers' "Notes" section to keep track of important information such as table location preferences, typical bottle orders, or noteworthy ties they have to your venue (e.g. "friends with the owner")
  • Know which guests you should go the extra mile for
  • Boost your customer service, build relationships with your guests, and increase client retention

Integrate Your POS System: As an add-on to TablelistPro, connect your chosen POS system to save time, eliminate errors, and enhance the security of data.

  • Automatically sync live table spends and itemized receipts to customers and reservations in TablelistPro

Send Automated Reports: Set up automated TablelistPro reports to be sent to your staff at the time(s) of your choosing, removing any time-consuming manual work.

  • At the start of the night, see what reservations are expected to come through booking details like arrival time, minimum, guests, guest ratio, table number, and assigned server
  • When the night comes to a close, view a full report of your closed reservations, no-shows, total spends, and what percentage of your sales for that event came from which source (e.g. promoter, in-house staff, and concierge)

Whether you run weekly parties or just one-off special events, let TablelistPro's powerful software do the work for you the night-of. Rich in features yet boasting a so-easy-a-caveman-can-do-it interface, TablelistPro's features allow you to easily take charge and run a smooth event, starting at just $99/mo. We even pledge to waive your subscription fees if your venue shuts down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Come test TablelistPro for yourself with a complimentary demo or sign up at tablelistpro.com.

Give your guests a better night out 🎉