6 Unique Ways TablelistPro Rises Above the Competition

June 14, 2023

In an industry full of apps to manage your nightlife venue, how are you expected to know which to choose? Although many have similar capabilities, one, in particular, stands out as superior, and it's TablelistPro. On top of being able to track your events, reservations, guests, staff, and promoters, the platform offers several specific features that are unique to TablelistPro, and that make it the only logical choice.


As a nightclub owner or operator, you have enough expensive payments to worry about. Venue management shouldn't be one of them! For a monthly fee that starts at just $199, TablelistPro is the most cost-effective system on the market. Included in this price are unlimited users and up to three staff training sessions, and unlike our rivals, we do not charge a set-up fee. Despite this low rate, none of the powerful tools and benefits are sacrificed.

To compare, our leading competitor opens their pricing at a significantly higher fee of $495 per month – with optional adds-on that can bring the total even higher – ultimately costing you thousands more every year.

Customer Service

At TablelistPro, we pride ourselves on providing impeccable service to our clients. Through the live chat feature found on both our app and website, in addition to regular email correspondence, our dedicated account representatives are always on hand to answer your questions, help with any issues, and ensure your experience using our platform is as seamless as possible.

Payment Links

TablelistPro offers features that are unique to just our platform, and perhaps the most noteworthy of all is our payment links, a better and more reliable alternative to credit card authorization forms. If you're unfamiliar with the term, a payment link is a request sent to your client that asks for either the full cost up-front, a deposit of your choosing, or an authorized credit card. When their payment information is submitted, it will run through our fraud detection software – and, once approved, your staff will be instantly notified that the reservation is confirmed. All of the client and booking data will then automatically sync into TablelistPro.

As you can imagine, payment links are a key tool that can help boost ticket and VIP table bookings while simplifying your day-to-day operations. To be exact, you will eliminate any manual data entry, decrease credit card fraud by 99.33%, reduce "no-shows" by 99.1%, and help build your CRM with solid client information. It's no wonder why nightlife venues around the world continue to seek out TablelistPro specifically for this feature.

Selling Through Your Website

The ability to utilize your venue's own website as a selling tool is unique to TablelistPro in various ways. Not only can you seamlessly sell tickets, tables, and packages without the visitor ever leaving your site, but you can also guarantee that it shows the most accurate, up-to-date inventory and information. Through TablelistPro's live floor plan syncing, any updates that are made on the backend will automatically be reflected on your website; for example, if you manually insert a reservation through the app, that table will no longer be shown as available on your website.

Centralized CRM

No matter how your customers get through the door – through a VIP table, guest list, or general admission ticket – TablelistPro tracks them all individually, allowing you to build a complete and more robust customer database. In contrast, the leading competitor only tracks tables.

Features & Updates

Because TablelistPro is designed specifically for nightlife venues and run by nightlife professionals, we're constantly striving to improve our product each day and add to our already significant list of beneficial features. We listen to our clients, too, and take note of when and how improvements should be made. If a client ever has a certain suggestion or need, every single member of our team is all ears. Not many companies, within the industry or elsewhere, can say that!

We'll leave you with this: there's a reason why many of our clients have used other platforms in the past and made the switch to TablelistPro – for good. Set up a free demo or discovery call with us to learn about the other ways in which our venue management software is superior by visiting our website or emailing hello@tablelistpro.com.

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