5 Pain Points of Pen and Paper at Your Venue – and How TablelistPro Solves Them

June 14, 2023

Since the invention of the "guest list," using a pen and paper has always been the preferred method for a venue to manage the night. While this may work for some, over time, it's proven to be limited and inefficient, with nightclubs, lounges, and bars sticking to it mainly due to habit.

We understand change can be difficult and that new tech is often times intimidating. That's why at TablelistPro, we make venue management simple, easy-to-use, and 100% digital for everyone.

Here is a list of common problems you might be facing and how switching to our software will solve them for you – so you can own the night.

1. No tracking abilities.
An old-fashioned way of recording your guests means you're unable to track crucial aspects of your establishment like sales, performance, spends, clients, or even your own promoters and staff.

2. Multiple sources of reservations.
On any given night, the number of different reservation sources can be endless: phone calls, e-mails, texts, concierges, promoters, staff, website requests, walk-ups... the list goes on and on. Tracking this multitude of sources with a clipboard or bulky laptop can be disorganized, confusing, and frankly very difficult.

3. No client history or data.
To understand your guests is to know their background – their frequency of visits, their spending habits, even their preferred table or bottle order. If you're still using a clipboard at your venue, it's virtually impossible to truly learn who they are or how they should be accommodated.

4. Looks bad.
There are enough stressful factors as-is when you're working the door of an event. Having to look bad in front of your guests shouldn't be one of them – and unfortunately, not being up-to-date with your venue management tools can do just that. What if the door staff can't find a VIP name on the hard-copy list? What if notes are not attached to a reservation, causing confusion before the client even walks in?

5. No real-time capabilities.
From last-minute bookings to last-minute cancellations, things seldom run perfectly on a typical night out. Without getting notified of these changes in real time, you're losing out on potential customers and, even worse, money.

Suffice it to say, it's time to retire the pen and paper once and for all.

So, what exactly is the best alternative? TablelistPro, of course, which takes venue management completely digital. Featuring both iOS and Android capabilities, you can track everything – and we mean everything – through your phone, tablet, or computer. No matter where you are, you'll always remain in control.

With TablelistPro, you can track sales, manage reservations, build a customer database, collect data, and more, all in real time. Our simple yet powerful features ensure your entire staff – even the least technologically-savvy people – will remain connected on-the-go.

We can't give away all of TablelistPro's secrets, but we encourage you to set up a free demo to see our incredible features in action!

Not using TablelistPro yet and want to transform your venue's management? Click the image below or email us at hello@tablelist.com to get things started.

Give your guests a better night out 🎉