5 Easy Ways to Generate Pre-Event Excitement

June 14, 2023

The process of hyping up an event and making sure a significant crowd attends can certainly be stressful. You may be thinking, “Where do I even start? How do I effectively market this event for a good turnout?” To help answer these questions, we’ve put together a list of crucial steps that will aid in exciting your guests for what will be an amazing event.

1) Choose the right social media platforms and use each of their unique tools to your benefit.

You likely know social media is an incredible tool to post content and reach an audience, but if it's not used in the correct ways, you might not target the right people. Facebook, for instance, can be utilized to produce pre-event excitement by creating an event page that lists all of its details, just as Tablelist client Tao Downtown has done below. We suggest then inviting people to reach an even greater audience. Instagram and Snapchat can be helpful if you livestream the event as its going on to draw last-minute attendees, or if you design a unique, branded filter, respectively. Using Twitter and incorporating a designated hashtag for the event will ensure more media exposure, as well. Overall, make certain that you are consistent with updates about the event and have fresh, new content within each post such as sneak peeks or teaser campaigns. Sending marketing emails is effective, too, and it may be used as an opportunity to encourage your audience to post about the event on their own social media pages. Overall, keeping an organized content calendar and scheduling everything out will allow you to maintain organization and timeliness.

2) Provide a distinct, memorable atmosphere.

When creating an event, it is important to offer a distinct experience that will attract your audience and make them feel as though they are completely immersed in it. Incorporating a theme is an easy way to do this and will allow for good pre-promotion, causing people to think about what they will buy or wear. Imagery and visual display play a big role in this step. In a sense, your event should be an "Instagrammable" one, designed to be posted about significantly afterward.

3) Offer contests and incentives.

One easy way to ensure people will post about your event beforehand is by offering prizes and incentives through social media contests. For example, consider mirroring your sweepstakes after Moonrise Festival, an annual electric dance music festival held in Baltimore that has been incredibly active on social media with daily opportunities for guests to win prizes. Although this is simple, it is also proven to be effective and will ultimately allow you to reach a wider audience.

4) Utilize influencers and paid ads.

Another common tactic used to generate excitement is by hiring influencers to post about the event. This will reach that person's fans and followers, some of whom may not have even known of the existence of the event prior to seeing it. It's a win-win. You may also use a paid advertising service to seamlessly drive traffic to your website, social media platforms, or specific ticketing page.

5) Manage your event and sell tickets through TablelistPro.

Finally, partner up with TablelistPro, a ticketing and venue management platform that works with events of all sizes. In terms of using it to generate excitement, by signing on, your event will receive exposure to a community of over 250,000 nightlife enthusiasts through the Tablelist integration. You will also be handed tools to better sell, market, manage, and track it. All of these features start at just $199 per month, making it the most cost-efficient option on the market. Visit our website or schedule a free demo to learn more about TablelistPro's benefits designed specifically for the nightlife industry.

Give your guests a better night out 🎉