4 Ways to Go Green at Your Bar

June 14, 2023

Is your bar looking to be more eco-friendly and sustainable? Customers nowadays strongly value a business that practices environmentally-conscious initiatives. We have come up with four important tips for how to go green at your bar.

1) Reuse Ingredients
In the bar and restaurant industries, food and alcohol often go to waste. There are several ways to avoid this, like by composting leftovers and reusing ingredients. Often, old wine and alcohol get tossed out, when they can be reused in cooking to either marinate or pickle veggies. You can even create a homemade sangria by blending leftover wine with fruit.

2) Use Organic and Local Products
Guests love to have healthy options at their hands, and luckily, there are several organic wines and spirits available for you to serve. Besides, try creating cocktails with healthy ingredients such as fresh berries, basil, and even kombucha. By using locally-sourced ingredients, you will decrease transportation costs and carbon emissions, all while supporting businesses nearby. An easy way to incorporate items from your local farmer's market is to create mixers from organic berries and fruits. Customers prefer to buy a product if the money goes towards supporting businesses in their community, so it’s a win-win! Other products to use are compostable to-go cups and ecological cleaning products.

3) Be Efficient with Energy
Another way to stay environmentally cautious is through your energy use. Purchase energy-efficient equipment like ventilation systems that decrease energy waste and save you money. Some companies encourage their employees to preserve energy by lending them bikes to ride to work.

4) Recycle Materials
Finally, a simple step for going green is to recycle, whether it’s glass bottles, cans, or any other containers. Implement a recycling program with your staff members so that they are always mindful of how to make a difference. Purchase napkins made from recycled waste or containers, and reduce the number of bottled beers by adding more on tap. You can let customers know that your business is environmentally-friendly by putting recycling symbols on your menus and throughout your restaurant.

By taking these simple steps, you will be saving the planet while standing out to your customers among the competition. Once you've gone green, consider running every other aspect of your bar with the highest of standards by investing in TablelistPro. An all-in-one digital platform for the nightlife industry, TablelistPro allows you to track reservations, guest lists, staff, client data, and more. Visit our website or schedule a free demo to learn more.

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