4 Unique Nightlife Trends to Adopt at Your Venue

June 14, 2023

In the ever-changing nightlife world, keeping up with the latest trends should be an integral part of your venue's business plan. By incorporating these unique ideas from TablelistPro at your bar, club, or lounge, you'll set yourself apart from the competition while establishing your venue as both innovative and trendsetting.

Farewell, plastic straws!

In a bid to cut down on the harm plastic straws create for wildlife, the damage they do to our oceans and coastlines, and the overall pollution they cause, a ban on such straws has taken the nation by storm, including from several major hospitality groups. Recently, for example, DJ Calvin Harris teamed up with Hakkasan Group to remove them from their clubs altogether, encouraging others to do so in the process. In turn, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott International, Fox Restaurant Concepts, and DMK Restaurants are just some of the many others that have since followed suit.

Although plenty are opting for a complete ban, other bars like New York City's award-winning Dante and The Dead Rabbit have found alternatives with materials such as paper, metal, bamboo, seaweed, and even pasta. Burke & Willis, on the other hand, offers straws only by request for most drinks, seeing as much as a 75% decline in demand. No matter how you choose to handle the elimination or deduction of plastic straws, though, this trend is undoubtedly one with which your venue should follow.

Cannabis-infused cocktails.

Now that many states have legalized recreational marijuana, it's actually beginning to shape the beverage industry. In Los Angeles, specifically, cannabidiol (CBD) oil has become a staple in restaurants and bars, with bartenders and mixologists getting creative to concoct that ultimate yin and yang. The trend has made its way to other parts of California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, as well; those states alone hit $35.6 million in cannabis beverage sales last year.

To spark your inspiration, head to High Times, where they share their favorite cannabis-infused recipes that will lift your guests' moods, give a boost to their day, and provide them with wellness benefits through the mixture's anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and anti-anxiety properties.

Frozen alcohol replacing ice cubes.

Say goodbye to ice as you know it, and hello to Beyond Zero, a liquor-freezing technology that is changing the game. The first of its kind, this system elevates the beverage experience by freezing pure liquor, wine, or mixed cocktails into ice in just minutes. It even comes with a specialized freezer to store them. Beyond Zero gives bartenders a quick, efficient way to make cocktails colder and stronger than ones served shaken or over ice, and because it's cold and not diluted, it results in a smoother taste profile. Venues can now deliver a fun, novel, and unique experience to their customers that also looks pretty cool, too.

TablelistPro venue management.

When it comes to real-time venue and events management software, TablelistPro is in a league of its own, helping to transform the entire nightlife industry. This is one trend that is here to stay! Valuable for any venue, big or small, and no matter its location, we have a solid track record of helping our clients drive sales, manage their operations more smoothly, and seamlessly track data through a single digital platform that is both simple and easy-to-use.

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