3 Powerful Ways TablelistPro Protects Your Venue Against Chargebacks

June 14, 2023

We've all been there or have at least heard the horror stories: a guest visits a nightclub for the evening, spends thousands on a table, and suddenly – a week later – issues a chargeback through their credit card company. Dealing with this can be an uphill battle, time-consuming, and seemingly impossible to fight. It also risks your business losing a ton of money. At TablelistPro, we understand these issues first-hand, which is why we've made it a priority to prevent such charges from happening to our partners. While you should always follow normal operating procedures like requesting a copy of the ID, credit card, and signature, signing on with TablelistPro will provide your club, bar, or lounge with an added layer (or three!) of protection.

1) Built-in fraud protection software

TablelistPro has a special fraud protection software built into its payment processing system that reduces credit card fraud by 99.33%! If a charge looks fraudulent or high-risk, the transaction is blocked, and our support team is instantly notified. They will then reach out to the venue directly to solve the issue.

2) Payment links

After adding inventory into TablelistPro, venues can create payment links to send to their guests that simply and safely request either the full cost upfront, a deposit, or an authorized credit card to be held on file for each ticket, table, or package booking. Once their payment information is entered, it is immediately run through our aforementioned fraud detection system, and the reservation will only get confirmed once it passes the inspection.

3) Customer history

TablelistPro builds out a robust customer database for our clients to track every booking. Upon creating a Tablelist account, the personal information of that guest is automatically synced into TablelistPro, which may include their phone number, birthday, social media handles, and even a photo. Having access to this data is an added security blanket, as it gives our partners a detailed background of each person and an improved way of monitoring their purchase history.

More so, past buyers have had their reservation scanned in using TablelistPro at the door, booking confirmations on their account, conversations with our concierges, ratings from their night out, and other correspondences – all traced through the app – that give venues further chargeback protection. You'll know exactly who's walking through the doors as well as their entire record of authenticity.

You can start protecting your nightlife spot against chargebacks right away by becoming a TablelistPro client yourself! To learn more about our features and to see them in action with a free, 15-minute demo, visit our website or email us at hello@tablelist.com.

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