10 Reasons To Manage Your Venue With TablelistPro

June 14, 2023

Success in nightlife begins with running your venue like a well-oiled machine. Owners and operators must find a way to balance managing their events, staff, and promoters; easily selling tickets, tables, and packages; checking people in at the door; and keeping track of it all through comprehensive databases and reports. Individually, it's no easy feat – which is precisely why TablelistPro was established in the first place. As an all-in-one app available on both iOS and Android devices, TablelistPro tackles each of these tasks, allowing our clients to experience more simplistic day-to-day operations, an improvement in guest satisfaction, and even a rise in sales. There are so many benefits to investing in this type of platform that it was difficult to narrow it down to just 10 – but we did, and once you get a better understanding of TablelistPro, we know you'll want to hop on board right away.

1) Price.

This is not an overstatement: TablelistPro's services, that start at only $199 per month, are significantly lower than the top competitors. In an industry where sales and revenue are everything, most nightlife professionals can't afford to take on another large investment in the form of a venue management app. Besides, TablelistPro's low price does not mean you're getting fewer features or less value. Below, No. 2 through 10 will explain exactly what we mean!

2) Event management.

From Halloween to New Year's Eve, or just a regular Thursday night, setting up events, selling inventory for it, and then managing it all in real time can be done through TablelistPro. Our platform also offers dynamic pricing and automatic syncing, as soon as a purchase is made, ensuring a seamless, up-to-date checkout process for both you and your guests.

3) VIP table management.

Interactive, drag-and-drop floor plans are unique to TablelistPro, enabling you to assign specific tables, track incoming VIPs, and view up-to-date statuses of your reservations. For customers, they're able to see and select their exact desired table, and you'll never get double-booked because the maps update immediately based on availability for that night.

4) Staff management.

Servers, hosts, concierges, promoters – that's a ton of people to keep on the same page every night, to say the least. TablelistPro lets you do that, though, as you can create an account for each staff member with their own customized permissions. This will make it so they'll always have access to the most up-to-date information.

5) CRM.

The value of building a robust customer database through TablelistPro is endless. You may use it to filter a list of guests by tags like venue, gender, or total spend; you may use it to remember key details for high-profile clientele including their typical bottle order, location of their preferred VIP table, or usual servers; or you may use it to build hyper-targeted marketing campaigns such as birthday promotions. For more on TablelistPro's CRM, take a look at this blog post.

6) Payment links.

No more credit card authorization forms! TablelistPro's payment links are the alternative to them. Before reservations get confirmed, these links will collect either a full pre-payment, a deposit of your choosing, or a credit card to be held securely on file, reducing "no-shows" and protecting your venue against those awful chargebacks.

7) Widgets.

Now, you can use your own website to sell tickets, tables, and packages! All it takes is a TablelistPro widget that embeds within the backend of your site. Widgets are fully customizable in style and design, so whether you're looking to display a full calendar of events or a singular one, you're able to do so. Once a sale is made, it is instantly synced back into TablelistPro, and your staff will get notified. Read up on this blog post that goes into greater detail about widgets and why your website needs one.

8) Promoter links.

TablelistPro's use isn't limited to venue managers; it's for promoters, too. Through generating unique sales tracking links, which you can learn more about on this blog post, promoters are able to easily spread the word about your events by sharing the link on social media platforms, through text message, or via email. As you likely assumed, all sales are automatically attributed back into the app, tying every booking to each specific promoter in the process. You may then use this information to track individual performance or calculate commissions.

9) Reporting.

If you have the time or energy to sit down with a calculator and make manual calculations, we're impressed! But we're also here to tell you that both can become a thing of the past by signing on with TablelistPro, thanks to our detailed reporting. Providing more than basic numbers or stats, we even offer scheduled reporting, an automated email containing a detailed digest of what you have on the books, including upcoming and closed reservations, based on what time you choose to have your report generate. More on that can be found on this blog post.

10) Use at the door.

No more Excel documents. No more pens and paper at the door. TablelistPro does it all for you, meaning you can quickly check guests in, sell tickets, add guest lists, tally walk-ups, and scan QR codes through the app the night of your event. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes it simple to use for every member of your staff.

TablelistPro has even more features and benefits we'd love to share with you (like offline mode!), which is why we recommend setting up a quick Discovery Call or 30-minute demo to learn more. Once you're ready for the next step, visit our Book A Demo page, reach out to us through the chat box on our website, or email hello@tablelist.com. Our representatives eagerly await your request!

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